Should I really hire a makeup artist for my wedding?

This is a question that I think every bride thinks about at some point. Do I really need to spend $300 on my makeup?

I want to put everything out there on the table to give you a fair look at why you should probably hire an artist to take care of you and possibly your bridal party on your very special day.

Consider the following:

Makeup artists provide a luxury service. You're being pampered. You're being beautified. You're in a relaxed state for about an hour during your wedding day when the rest of the day will probably be utter chaos. It's one less thing for you to worry about. Make that two less things to think about if you also get your hair done. Guess what? I'm a makeup artist and I actually wish that I had hired someone to do my makeup! Simply because in the hours before my ceremony, it was chaotic. I was scrambling to do my own makeup because last minute stuff comes up that you won't expect! It was not a positive experience for me doing my own. It looked great, but I was stressed.

You're spending somewhere between 1000-5000 on your dress. Why? Because it's gorgeous! And you will look gorgeous in it in all of your photos! That's exactly my point. This is your FACE we are talking about. You will document this event and have pictures to look at for the rest of your life. Put your best face forward for it! 

You feel comfortable doing your own makeup, and in fact, might actually be really really good at it! That's awesome, we applaud you for that, because not too many women can say that for themselves. However, a professional artist is not only going to be knowledgeable about the products that work best in photography because she does this day in and day out, but she will also know how to apply your makeup to make it last all day and night.

So to recap - you're allowing yourself to relax for a bit while you're getting ready instead of scrambling to do it yourself, you're putting on your best face for pictures that will last forever, and you're ensuring that the best products will be used on you that are compatible with photography and will have great longevity to them.

Posted on May 20, 2013 .